What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal

You have decided to get your unwanted hair taken care of once and for all! But what does that look like for you?

When you come in for your initial free consult, together we will go over your basic medical history, skin care regime and skin type, and areas of concern. We will then give you a patch test on your area of concern to give you an idea of how things will feel, and to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

During your treatment you will wear protective eyewear for your safety. The technician will spread a thin layer of gel over your clean skin that is to be treated (area must be shaved prior to the treatment, and no lotions or makeup are to be on the skin at the time of the treatment). The technician will glide the light emitting crystal over the treatment area, and you will experience a prickling sensation. Some people may feel a light snapping sensation, similar to an elastic band. There should not be any intolerable pain.

For up to 24 hours after your treatment, you may experience a sensation similar to a mild sunburn. Within 2 weeks, those hairs that were successfully treated will start to fall out. Only hairs that were in an active growth stage will be successfully treated, which is why it is imperative to come in at regular 6 to 8 week intervals, maximizing the number of active hairs being targeted. Hair removal treatments on the face can be treated every 4 to 6 weeks apart.

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