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What are some of the benefits of laser hair removal?

Since the day we became aware of unwanted hair, most of us have taken up shaving, waxing or threading to remove it. Laser hair removal is a great technology used for permanent hair reduction, and provides many benefits!

  • After completing your laser hair removal program, you won't have to deal with the next day stubble with shaving, the shadow created by the dark hair follicles underneath the skin surface, or dealing with ingrown hairs

  • You do not have to grow out your hair to have a laser hair removal treatment, (unlike waxing, threading or electrolysis). In fact, we require you to be freshly shaven when you come in.

  • Laser hair removal can be much more tolerable than some other hair removal methods when it comes to pain. At Somaglow Rejuvenation, our unit is equipped with a built in cooling mechanism, making the treatment painless to most clients. At your free consult, you will be able to experience the sensation of the laser hair remocal treatment risk-free prior to committing to an entire treatment.

  • You will experience long term savings when compared to other non-permanent hair reduction methods such as waxing or threading.

  • No more maintenance! Once your treatment program is complete, you won't have to worry about the status of your unwanted for days at the beach or nights out!


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